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Visit the South Pasadena Public Library
1100 Oxley St.
South Pasadena
California, 91030

Silent Auction
Auction lots are located in a display case
near the library's entrance  


Beginning March 22 and ending at 12:00 p.m. on April 26, 2014
  the following eight (8) auction items will be near the
   Library's entrance with numbered bidding cards nearby.
 Winning bidders will be notified by telephone.



1.  The People Could Fly, Virginia Hamilton, Knopf, New York, 1985.
No dust jacket. All pretty Good, in and out. Very minor flaws. Wonderful collection of Black folktales; Uncle Remus and much more. Illustrators: Leo & Diane Dillon. In their retelling, the tales are a celebration of the human spirit - "Born of sorrow, but passed on in hope."
Minimum Bid $5, Minimum Raise $3

2.  Compilation of the Literary and Art Works of Fannie B. Blumberg, Moore Langen Printing & Publishing, Terre Haute, Indiana,1963.
Paper. No dust jacket. Some wear of the cover. Book Good for age. Interesting collection and catalog of Blumberg's work. Hard to find. Apparently privately printed. Includes Rowena Tina Tot Series about three little Black children visiting the South. Unusual for that time. Purportedly contemporary but has the repetition and cadence of earlier folk tales.
Minimum Bid $7, Minimum Raise $3

3.  First Family, Paper Doll and Cut Out Book, Fitzgerald and Boswell, Dell Publishing, New York, 1st Printing, 1981.
Illustrations by Al Kilgore. All cut outs intact, all pages complete, all dolls and clothes present. Condition Very Good. The Reagans at their best! Includes contemporary fun stuff for Ron Jr. and Patti, decorations for Oval Office of that time, etc. A Must for your Presidential Collection.
Minimum Bid $7, Minimum Raise $3

4.  Sophie Tucker Album, 50 Golden Years, 1954, Mercury Records.
Signed Record and Booklet. Ltd. Edition, copy #8056. Very Good condition. Wonderful overview of the "Last of the Red Hot Mamas," a talent in the Music Halls here and in Europe, during the vaudeville years and later on radio and even early TV. This is a highly collectible offering.
Minimum bid $30, Minimum Raise $5

5.  Fishing with the Fly, 1st Tuttle ed., Rutland, Vt. 1968, originally published by Houghton Mifflin, New York, 1886.
Dust jacket slightly worn, book Good. Twenty-four sketches by "Lovers of the Art," (Izaak Walton, etc.) and fifteen beautifully reproduced color plates depicting more than one hundred twenty assorted fishing flies. Charles Orvis, Nelson Cheney, and house of Tuttle are to be applauded for resurrecting this fishing gem.
Minimum Bid $7, Minimum Raise $3

6.  How lucky we are - 2 classics in small size, handy for reading at the bus stop. Only problem - for some of us, anyway - they are written in Greek.
   (1) Sophocles Tragedies, Oxford Pocket Classics, 1848.
Worn spine, book Fair to Good, for age.
   (2) Selections from Herodotus, Oxford University Press, 1927, from 2nd edition, 1901.
Faded spine, otherwise Fair to Good. This version is quite accessible because a precis in English is given after each selection in Greek. This "history" was written 450s to 420s B.C. Apparently Herodotus collected much of his material during his many travels, recording ancient traditions, local politics, geography and the clash of various cultures around the Mediterranean and Western Asia at that time. His writings are considered the founding work of history in Western literature.
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $2

7.  Poetical Works of Lord Byron, Crowell, New York, c. 1890.
No dust jacket. Top and bottom of spine and edges of cover are worn. Boards have colorful burnished design. Book pretty Good. Fine black and white drawing of Byron is at frontispiece. Good 12 page intro. to this collection (which seems to include all his best known work) sets the stage for a wonderful read. With Byron, every line moves forward. Enjoy.
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $2

8.  The Artists' and Writers' Cookbook, Beryl Barr & Barbara Sachs, Editors, Angel Island Pub., Sausalito, Ca. 1961.
Hardback. No dust jacket. 1st. Housed in original heavy slipcase which has some wear and tear. Book Good. Foreword by Alice B. Toklas. Writing sometimes rather precious, but lots of interesting recipes, from apricot dumplings to a Welsh rarebit alternative to dragon soup, contributed and commented on by an eclectic bunch of writers and artists - almost 300 of them - such as Burl Ives, Marcel Duchamp and Lin Yutang. This is an unusual treasure (dedicated to "the art of imperfection in the kitchen") to have on your cookbook shelves.
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $5

Beginning April 16 and ending at 12:00 p.m. on May 24, 2014

  the following nine (9) auction items will be near the
   Library's entrance with numbered bidding cards nearby.
 Winning bidders will be notified by telephone.
1.  English and American Furniture, Cescinsky & Hunter, Garden City Pub. Co., New York, 1929.
"A pictorial handbook of fine furniture made in Great Britain and America, 16th, 17th, 18th, early 19th centuries." No dust jacket. Tan cloth. Some browning of endpapers. Text body clean and tight. A helpful guide to the knowledge and appreciation of the best furniture of the period. Over 400 illustrations in black and white. Extensive end section gives glossary, bibliography, lists of craftsmen and more.
Minimum Bid $5, Minimum Raise $3

2.  All Color Book of Art Deco, Dan Klein, photographs by Angelo Hornack, Octopus Books, London, 1974.
Possible 1st. Mylar cover over colorful dust jacket, Good. Book Good. Elegant and amusing text and terrific photographs capture the stylish 20's. Everything from Cartier diamonds and New York skyscrapers to kitchen clocks and clothes influenced and were influenced by the new and distinctive designs. As Cole Porter, very much a man of his time, wrote, “Anything Goes.”
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $5.

3.  The Road of the Century, Alvin Harlow, Creative Age Press, New York, 1947.
Dust jacket a bit rough around the edges. Book in and out Fair to Good. Endpapers show maps of railway lines, NY to Chicago. Great illustrations, photographs and surprisingly vibrant text; the men and machines that shaped the growth of America - a 17 mile line that became a 10,000 mile network, the New York Central Railroad. All aboard for only
Minimum Bid $5, Minimum Raise $3

4.  Ideal Homes in Garden Communities, A Book of Stock Plans, Garden City Co. of California, L.A., 4th ed., 1919.
No dust jacket. Book Good. Over 60 design plans, many of them to be found in our local suburbs, including 2 bungalow courts. Almost like attending 60 Sunday afternoon "Open House" events - and the 1919 prices right up front: e.g., California house; 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room built for $700 in 1919. This book is a must have.
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $3

5.  Homes Sweet Homes, Osbert Lancaster, John Murray, London, 1st American Edition, 1946.
Dust jacket the worse for wear, spine slightly rubbed, book clean and tight. Traces the development of the Englishman's home (which is his castle) - the inside of it, along with furnishings, clothes, etc. - from Norman to Functional. Thirty-four witty, urbane, informative chapters with corresponding illustrations. And while this is very British, you will notice many, many American similarities and laugh points.
Minimum Bid $5, Minimum Raise $3

6.  Life and Shape: The Autobiography of Richard Neutra, Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, 1st Edition 1962.
Dust jacket worn around edges. Book all Good. Dedicated to Dione Neutra, owner sticker on front endpaper also Dione Neutra. Musings, thoughts, on a life well lived, by famed architect at age 70. Some facts but more observations, both literal and philosophical, especially concerning earlier years both in Europe and the U.S. If you want to know Neutra, read this! Especially illuminating are reproductions of some of his hand sketches and his choice of text with them.
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $3

7.  A History of Architecture - On the Comparative Method, Sir Banister Fletcher, Scribners, New York and Batsford, London, 7th Ed., revised and enlarged, 1924.
No dust jacket. Black boards with gilt decoration. Good copy. Breadth and knowledge of
details are astounding with fabulous charts, hundreds of sketches, illustrations and descriptions. A widely used reference book for decades, strong on both the structural and cultural influences that shape all architecture. Have your own go-to reference book. You may use it a lot.
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $5.

8.  Mackintosh Architecture, edited by Jackie Cooper, Academy Editions, London, 1989. Dust jacket and Book, Good. This book catalogues Macintosh's architectural projects, and shows the extent of his achievements in terms of completed buildings, interiors, alterations, unexecuted designs and competition entries. Each is illustrated with photographs, original drawings and descriptions. A highly enjoyable book for those with an affinity for Macintosh. Minimum Bid $7, Minimum Raise $3

9.  A Testament, Frank Lloyd Wright, Horizon Press, New York, 1957.
In original photographic dust jacket, now separated into two. Book Good, divided into two sections: the first autobiographical, the second dealing with the then new architecture. One of Wright's last books, it offers insights into his work through both his personal history and his world view. Among many illustrations, it contains a folding plate of Wright's "Mile High Skyscraper City.” Another classic for your Architecture shelf.
Minimum Bid $10, Minimum Raise $3

South Pasadena Public Library, 1100 Oxley Street,
is open seven days a week:
Monday-Wednesday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm; Thursday and Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm;
Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. and Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

The Friends Bookstore is located on the library's second floor, accessible by elevator.

Auction items are located in a display case near the Library's entrance
with bidding cards nearby.

The sale is sponsored by the Friends Bookstore volunteers, who
operate the bookstore on the library's second floor.

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The South Pasadena Public Library
is located at 1100 Oxley Street
Monday through Wednesday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Thursday and Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
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